Information for Service Users
Guided Self-Help
One-to One CBT
Group CBT

Service Users

Service users must be aged 18 and a resident in County Roscommon. The information and online programs on this website are free for anyone living outside of this area. We plan to incrementally expand APSI services to other counties in Ireland in the future. If you are not a resident of County Roscommon, then please contact your GP for advice. You can also check out our Useful Links page to find a service that you can avail of.

APSI provides a number of stepped-care interventions aimed to constitute a ‘tight bundle’ of treatment options for service users.

At APSI we provide the following services:


Guided Self Help

Guided Self Help involves assistance from an APSI practitioner as a client completes one of the following programmes:

  • Psycho-education – A six week presentation-specific (e.g. depression, anxiety) psycho-education programme including on-site and telephone sessions with an individually assigned therapist
  • A range of service user options including relaxation techniques (via psycho-education hand-outs and compact disc (CD) recordings) and/or podcasts (i.e. multimedia digital files made available on the internet for download) and information on bibliotherapy resources


Computerised CBT (cCBT)

A cCBT programme lasting 4 – 6 weeks, including on-site and telephone sessions with an individually assigned therapist


One-to-One CBT

An intervention of six sessions of individual, low-intensity one-to-one CBT  that is presentation specific is offered whereby practitioners are placed within CMHTs and liaise on specific cases and act as case coordinators to help navigate support services with service users.


Group CBT

APSI offers presentation specific CBT-based skills groups programmes provided on-site with a specific focus on prevention and intervention for mild-moderate depressive presentations.